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Intimate magic at a table or in a crowd

Strolling magic provides a powerful magic experience for very small groups of guests at a time. This flexible format can be presented at tables after dinner or for intimate groups of mingling partygoers. Close-up illusions happen right in front of the spectators' eyes—and sometimes even in their hands.


Seated, for a small audience

This show is presented with a table as the stage, along with assistance of one or two audience members. It has a fixed structure, with a beginning, middle, and end. It is suitable for small audiences of up to about thirty-five spectators. In the words of the great Chicago close-up magician Don Alan, Dave will create a "circle of fun" for your guests.


A staged show for larger groups

A platform show is appropriate for audiences of about thirty-five to several hundred people. A fun and surprising mix of comedy, audience participation, and mind-boggling classic magical effects will put an exclamation point on your large party or corporate event.

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